Mental health & wellbeing

How psychologically healthy and safe is your workplace? How well are you managing the psychosocial hazards in your organisation and assessing the risk that they pose to your employees? How well are you looking after their work-related mental health?

When working with organisations to understand the psychosocial hazards present, and severity of risk that they pose, an assessment of these risks at both the organisation-wide and individual level will yield the best results.

At the organisation-wide level, work design may be the focus, and therefore targeted initiatives to redesign specific areas of work can be put into place. At the individual level, initiatives that teach and equip employees with the skills and strategies to manage work-related stress and increase their subjective wellbeing will be beneficial at reducing and managing risk.

Over many years, I have worked with organisations to design and administer evidence based, efficacious wellbeing programs that address systemic psychosocial hazards, including work re-design at the organisational level and at the team and individual level, initiatives such as:


Strengths based leadership development


Mindfulness and relaxation techniques


Awareness around current levels of stress and predominant work-related stressors


Individual and group coaching, and


Positive psychology interventions.

If you would like to understand how to manage the psychosocial risks in your organisation, or need some help building control measures to manage this risk, please do not hesitate to reach out.