Founder & Psychologist Leia Lewis

An AHPRA registered psychologist, coach and board-approved supervisor with over fifteen years’ experience working in diverse sectors, I am passionate about working with leaders and teams and understanding how individuals and groups function most effectively to achieve incredible things

What I do

Combining evidence-based psychological research with real life experience and practice, I work with leaders and teams
to help them develop and grow – in work and life

Leadership & Talent

Developing mentally healthy, thriving, leaders to reach their potential.

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Mental health & wellbeing

Creating mentally healthy, thriving

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Diversity, inclusion & belonging

Harnessing the value of difference and including and creating voice.

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Psychological safety

Creating voice in organisations through
inclusive and transformational leadership

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What do my clients say?

I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to be coached by Leia and for the opportunity to meet and network with many other accomplished leaders from all over Australia.

I am very grateful for Leia in the way that she supported the learning and facilitated her sessions. I was also fortunate to have had Leia as a coach and am very grateful for the ways that she supported and encouraged me as a professional and as a working mother.

Leia should be commended for her honest communication and for the way that she presents and made all aspects of this course personal and relevant.

Leia was amazing during the course and delivered information extremely well. She engages everyone and has great active listening skills. Thank you, Leia!

I really love Leia’s communication style. She is quite gifted at bringing lay people into the world of Psychology. She is very personable and I learned a lot form her in the session, even just chatting in the tea room.

Leia was fantastic and went out of her way to personalise content for the audience. This kind of engagement makes learning a joy.

Leia was very effective in her communication style and strong in presence. I felt engaged with her teaching style and use of real-life examples.

Leia, you are a truly inspirational woman in business. I really enjoyed being in the course and learning everything that I could off you. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be the best Team Leader and mother that I can be.

I enjoyed Leia’s sessions and appreciated her insights. I am still thinking about the shallow/active listening role play. And I have asked my team today to indicate where they rank on the stress scale. I loved the practical lessons from mindfulness, listening and coaching, to stakeholder mapping that I learnt from Leia’s sessions. I think every organisation should employ an organisational psychologist!

Leia was an excellent, authentic and engaging facilitator.

Leia was friendly and insightful and relatable, thanks!

Leia’s session on coaching was really good and the meditation session was good as well. Very calming voice!

Leia is really calm & great to talk too with lots of experience & guiding through those difficult conversations. Mindfulness session was great & helpful.

Leia was a fantastic presenter and listener throughout the week – her insight on emotional intelligence was a real eye opener and really gave good insight.

Leia was a calming aspect to the training and provided insightful and well-informed content.

Loved Leia. She was kind and compassionate, made the time to get to know and hear from everyone during her the breaks. Provided valuable and useful tools for future.

Leia really connected with the team and ensured she engaged each person.

Leia was fantastic, using thought provoking questions to get us to think deeper on a subject – she was very engaging. The mindfulness session was also great.

Leia is clearly passionate about the subjects she was teaching and this really helped us maximise our learning.

I found Leia’s meditation and mindfulness sessions incredibly beneficial as well as our discussions around psychological safety and creating a space for feedback with my team.

Leia is a passionate facilitator and remarkable coach.

Loved your sessions Leia. If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting to have some of them but I’m super grateful we did!